Why is Search Engine Optimization Important?

22Feb, 2018

Why is Search Engine Optimization Important?

SEO is essentially techniques and processes that help maximize the number of visitors that come to your website and where your site is placed within Google Rankings. This is done by Google’s algorithm which changes quite frequently.

SEO is so important to a companies online presence because it is the difference between being found on Google or not being found. If customers can’t find your business for certain search terms how are they supposed to know you exist online? A staggering 42.50% of users will click on the first link/result that comes up in Google, by not being on the number position or even on the first page can mean the difference in huge or little to no amounts of leads or business generated via a website.

By having great SEO on page and off page can greatly increase the likely hood of a website moving up the Google rankings into the desirable 1st position. So now you know what SEO is and why it is of such importance but what are some things or techniques you need to know to get started?

Must have’s for Google Ranking

Search Console, This is what you need to have for your website to be indexed in Google, Simply create an account with Google Search Console and upload an XML site map of your website to it. This will mean that your website sitemap will be submitted to Google and your websites pages hopefully indexed to Google. This is your first step to getting a greater and stronger online presence. This is a must have to be found within Google.

What can i do to improve my SEO?

Well below are some great starters for doing this.

On Page SEO

On page SEO is probably the most commonly and practiced form of SEO. On page SEO optimizing everything that is essentially “on the page”. For example this is making sure Meta titles and Descriptions are of optimal length. You can install a number of plugins such as Yoast and many more that gives you a guide line on how to do the on page SEO. The length and what tags need to be done. Focus keywords etc. You want to make sure that the keywords in the Title and description tags are relative and correspond with the website copy for that page. If you are using “Yoast” you need to make sure your focus keyword or keyword’s are mentioned in the website copy.

Okay but what do meta titles and descriptions do?

They are what you see when you search for something, the title and description of that page or site. For example:


Website Copy:

Part of having a good on-page SEO is having great copy. Copy writing is the backbone of a websites page. Without good copy with keyword density of your chosen keywords then its almost worthless having the page there. You need to make sure that your copy has lots of keywords for example, if you have a gaming site your copy should include things such as, “gaming” “best new games 2018” etc. You need to make sure the copy is written so it informs the user and Google. Google is a reader, it reads your website and if you have certain terms or keywords Google will rank you for those.

How can i see my websites SEO score or what i need to improve on?

You can submit your website to our FREE SEO site auditor found on our Seo page

By submitting your website and email address we can get you an in-depth SEO report free of charge to show you what your website needs. If you find the results are a lot to implement or simply don’t have the time Contact Us to arrange a full on-page SEO optimization package.


Off page SEO

What is off page SEO and how can i do this?

Many people associate off page SEO with link building but it is not exactly that.

Out Reach:

Out reach is one of the most common ways of doing off-page SEO. Out reach is essentially a form of back linking, you simply find blogs that are relative to your niche that allow you to leave a comment with your name, email, and address. This in return gives your website a back link. It is an effective way to build more back links to help get your site ranking better. However, dont abuse this and spam a bunch of blog comments everywhere and anywhere because your website will and can get penalized for doing this and that can have a HUGE effect on SEO. Having one high quality link can be better than 1000 bad links pointing to your site.

Website Page and Load Speed

Increasing your websites load speed and loading time is a good way to help towards your general web presence and better SEO. Because no one wants to sit and wait for a slow loading website potential users will just click off the website and go to another one. This can be done by optimizing image sizes, installing and using caching plugins and using CDN’s Central distribution network. Page speed is considered a very important factor.

What happens if i do all of this?

For one, your website will be much better optimized and Google will love you for that. It is not for certain that your site will rank better but in all most every case it will rank better because its like a race. The faster and better athlete wins, so the better and more optimized a website is it will go past the poorly maintained and optimized websites.

I cant do this myself what can i do?

Feel free to contact SF Web Services and we can take care of this all for you hassle free. Check out our SEO page and see what package or offer best suits your business or SEO needs. Simply contact us via our contact form and we will be in touch as soon as possible.










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