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Choose from SF Web Services range of Search Engine Marketing and online marketing options. Whether its Google Analytics or Facebook Advertising to boost your paid campaigns SF can do it all!

What is Paid Online Marketing


SEM or Paid Online Marketing is pushing trafic to your website or chosen source by purchasing paid advertising. This can be done on platforms such as Google Analytics, Facebook and Instagram ads. There are a wide range of SEM and Paid Online Marketing options out there. SF Web Services takes care of all the hassle of arranging and optimising your paid advertising. We make sure that targeted keywords are chosen to make your campaign produce the best results.


Whats Involved With Our Search Engine Marketing Services?

Take the hassle of managing and configuring your paid advertising. SF Web Services can manage all your advertising and help produce the results you want.
  • Google Adwords

    We manage your Google Adwords campaigns and select keywords that are researched and will best fit your Google Adword campaign. We take care of all the process and feed back your results to you.

  • Facebook Marketing and Campaigns

    Set up and manage paid marketing campaigns for your business. So you can generate more engagement on posts, more likes on your pages and generate more leads.

  • Google Analytics¬†

    If your site does not have Google Analytics installed we install this and can make properties, goals, and filters and other advanced filters. We also set up Search Console for you as well. We can provide advanced features and settings within Google Analytics so you can get the statistics your business needs. Our team has Google Analytic certifications.

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