Digital Consultant

Digital Consultant

SF Web Services digital consultancies are made for your business to identify issues with your web presence and develop a strategy for your business needs.

What is a Digital Consultant?

A digital consultant is your go to for all things in digital marketing related! Our  Digital Consultant can advise you on your current digital marketing solutions and practices. This can include audits on your site’s present in Google, Overall design and provide in depth analytics and audits that can provide you with information to make smarter business strategies.

What is involved in a Digital Consultant Package?

Digital Consultants have many faces, they often specialize in specific areas but they still take care of everything. Our digital Consultants can still provide you with information and auditing in specific areas that can help you make decisions to move your online marketing and presence into the direction it needs.


What is included in our Consultancy packages?

We provide your business with solutions and fixes to your website and online presence problems. This enables you to make better business decisions and take a step towards results you've always wanted to achieve.
  • Website Audit and SEO Audit

    In-depth analysis on your businesses online presence and website. We provide you with information that can help you make smarter business decisions when it comes to online marketing and building a strong web presence.

  • List of Recommendations

    With all our audits we provide recommendations and strategies that you can apply to fix your problems.

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